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Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in your spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.               St. Francis De Sales

Most people have many misconceptions about Psychics or Psychic Mediums, and there is a distinct difference between the way they receive spiritual information. Basically all Mediums are considered psychics while all psychics are not Mediums.

Mediums are most often described as specialized psychics who actually converse with spiritual presences. We serve as real-time, intermediary communicators between living people and the dead, as well as converse with animals and Divine consciousness beings such as personal guides, angels, etc.

Non-medium psychics are able to receive information about living or nonliving people as it relates to the past, present or future. They extract knowledge solely from everything around them and are unable to communicate directly with spirit personalities.

Mediumship communications link up human agents with non-physical energies to gather factual and higher-healing information. This is not possession, but a positive interaction between two supportive consciences for the purpose of facilitating personal soul growth and physical or emotional health. There is no chance of "possession." Professional Mediums chose their communications wisely and are always in control of their connections to spirit.

As an Angelic Medium, I am able to use my spiritual communication skills for many purposes which include personalized client consultations regarding business, relationship, health, financial, career problems, etc. I can communicate with your guides or my guides and angels to help you get life direction, reduction of stress and emotional healing. I also do animal communication and deeper spiritual communications on your behalf involving either transitioned souls (persons consciousness proceeding into the Light after death) or non-transitioned souls (ghosts).

In any situation I converse in the presence of angelic energies that help me to deliver loving and healing guidance meant for people in need. Angelic energies such as Archangel Michael assist in giving personalized messages to those who wish to receive it in order to direct them to their life purpose and to help them manage their daily lives in the most harmonious and abundant manner.

Angelic Mediumship also facilitates healthy communications between the living and the dead so that transitioned relatives and friends may offer further closure for earthly traumas shared between surviving family members.

Bereavement counseling for persons desiring to connect with a deceased loved one (animal or human) are beneficial so that past emotional traumas are repaired and closure to a grieving process can be quickly and efficiently accomplished. The psychological advantages of this process are profound as unhealthy emotional and physical energies achieve grounding and balance.

This same psycho-spiritual therapy is applicable for psychic children and adults who are suffering or confused about their own manifesting extrasensory abilities. Learning to discern and manage your innate psychic gifts is key to a healthy life, psychological balance, and emotional peace of mind.

I also assist misplaced disincarnate humans toward a higher realm of existence for continued personal growth and soul evolution (spirit rescue). Such work includes removing ghosts from buildings or properties, releasing negative spiritual attachments on the living, and scientific documentation of haunted sites through professional paranormal investigations which I've been doing for ten years.