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"Man and beast are all one breath."

Most people use an animal's body language, vocalizations, facial expressions, habits, and social behaviors to extrapolate impressions about what an animal's thoughts, feelings, and intentions might be at any given moment.

If this idea is carried too far, scientists claim we are ascribing anthropomorphic attributes onto an animal. In other words, we are foolishly applying human emotions, characteristics and personalities to lower evolved creatures without the mental or emotional capacity for such abilities. Or so they say...

If this is so, why do people profit physically, mentally and emotionally from the presence of animals? Animal therapies abound throughout the world; dogs visit nursing homes and hospitals which offer comfort and caring to the elderly or ill, horses aid disabled people leaning to find their social mobility and self-esteem. Wild birds, mammals, reptiles and insects are a balm to our souls when we join them in their natural environment for pleasurable pursuits.

There must be something we are picking up from animals that heals and completes us in a way that nothing "ordinarily human" can at certain times of deep sadness, pain, fear, or anger. What is this invisible but recognizable ability all creatures have upon us?

It's a subtle spiritual connection to one another through Divine creation. This spiritual cord is made up of energy and thought. Life force to life force we are interconnected by the ethereal likeness to Source. Whatever your religious beliefs, there is something more than the physical realm we see around us. There are many unknown dimensions of energy beyond our knowledge which comprise the known universe.

Does it seem feasible that because all living things are connected by an ultimate source of creation, which scientists know exists but have yet to quantify or identify, that this universal web would prevent us from communicating between one another on our physical plane of existence or any other?

There is absolutely no reason to assume that sharing thoughts between man and beast is impossible. To the contrary, the chance that such a communication gap between living matter coming from the same Source actually exists is the more erroneous conclusion. Scientists have only theories that telepathic animal communication between humans is not a possibility.

However, when we feel one with wild animals or respond to our pets with lowered blood pressure, less stress, and loving thoughts we are exchanging energies between them and us. We are also picking up their moods, beliefs, and thoughts through the energies of telepathy. We are both sending and receiving. It's a fact of physics that lower energies always adjust and elevate to match the highest energy near them.

If your pet comforts and calms you in its presence, it's not hard to figure out who had the higher energies. Your body, mind, and spirit raises its frequency to match the more elevated and stable energies of your animal companion. Animals speak softly into our minds whether we hear them or not. We are always listening and receiving information through our brains and bodies on a spiritual and energetic level.

Mediums simply listen harder and can relay what animals say back to you through human language. This may happen directly between Mediums and creatures or through the help of guides and angels.