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Christine Gentry-Rodriguez is a graduate of Psychology and Ethology (animal behavior) from the University of Florida. She is also a professional author of nine books (fiction and nonfiction) since the 1980s, including an ethology text used by the Tufts College, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Her other career activities have included veterinary technician, newborn animal nursery manager for Lion County Safari, elephant trainer, Master Groomer, teaching adult education classes to law enforcement officers, public speaking, educational presentations, and grief counseling.

Survival of consciousness after death research is her personal passion, and she has been the director of a professional non-profit paranormal research organization for ten years. Her technical expertise encompasses Infrared and full spectrum photography, 3D photography, and Electronic Voice Phenomena software.

A mediumship career began four years ago and she has studied under Internationally renowned  psychologist and Medium Dr. Doreen Virtue, acquiring certification as an Angel Therapy Medium.

Christine provides psychological and spiritual counseling for people seeking healthy and happier lives via a higher path of angelic assistance and knowledge.

This is accomplished through intuitive angel-guided readings, spirit or animal communications, and offering personalized life coaching. Consultations provide self-empowerment, healing, and inspiration. She encourages everyone to "Look up or answers."