How do Angelic Mediums work?

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Mediums are extremely sensitive gatherers of unknown information through several extra-sensory perception modalities. Everyone has these psychic abilities but seldom use them in their daily life. Mediums have their individual methods of processing higher sensory knowledge and use different combinations of the six keenly developed senses below to communicate with spiritual energies. In other words, a Medium is a person who masters the use of their psychic senses and uses them as an efficient intuitive network.

Clairalience (Clear Smelling) - This is the ability to smell manifestations of odors from the historical past or from real-time encounters with spiritual presences. Residual smells are believed to be some sort of energy manifestation loop wherein an historical moment replays itself in a contemporary environment. Such smells from long-gone time periods can be things like gunpowder residue and the pleasant scent of baking foods when these odors have no basis for being in the current surroundings. Some other unexplained smells are generated by the presence of disincarnate humans and animals. Odors such as tobacco smoke, perfume, stagnant water, and horse lather may be experienced as they are emanated from a spirit's energies.

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) - Mediums hear spiritual voices mentally inside their head or audibly outside their ears. Disincarnate humans, animals, and angels may be heard telepathically. Thought impressions - encoded energies - are converted into words inside the Medium's brain without human vocal inflections or accents. The words alone make sentences giving facts, identifications, and genders relative substance. Spirit vocabulary is received exactly as the disincarnate human or higher being relays it so personal slang, colloquialisms, and grammar also help to identify attitude, emotional state, and probable life time period, as well as communicate intelligent answers to a Medium's questions. Conversation can be done by a Medium out loud or in silent communication with spirits back and forth. Other times, spirits speak directly into the physical ear of a Medium as if they were standing right beside them. On rare occasions, everyone present with the medium also hears the invisible presence speak quite clearly.

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) - Mentally knowing something without having been able to find out about it any other way but through psychic sensing best describes claircognizance. Many times knowledge comes to Mediums in the form of factual information that they couldn't possibly have gotten from regular means of personal contact, communication, research, or word of mouth. The "knowing" itself comes into a Medium's thoughts like a new memory from an experience or knowledge they never had. Along with getting correct information, Mediums have a very heightened and profound "gut" feeling about received information which "feels" like a perfect fit with normal situations around them. This discernment also aids Mediums in knowing when to avoid negative presences.

Clairgustance (Clear Tasting) Sometimes Mediums physically taste things on their tongue or in their mouth they didn't consume. These are oral spirit impressions of past experiences with food or other substances which are important cues to understanding some facet of the presence's past life it's trying to convey to the Medium. Higher spiritual beings may also send taste information to stimulate good personal memories intended for the Medium or to facilitate the necessary mental associations which can lead to important information being revealed for a third party during a communication session.

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling) - This is a complicated psychic sense that covers a wide range of feeling and knowing abilities that allows Mediums to glean information or knowledge from the energy fields of spirits, living organisms, or material objects. A sensitivity to energies can produce such sensations as cold or hot spots, static electricity, tingles along various body parts, spider-web sensations, and localized body pressures. Psychometry or the touching of objects allows clairsentients to receive factual information about their past owners, events, and history comes from this sense as well.

Mediums also experience the mental ability to pick up the emotional feelings of deceased humans because they are tapping into that beings' mental or physical state. Mediums can acquire or "take on" physical symptoms from a deceased human through the spirit's intent to convey specific health information to the medium. For example a Medium may suddenly feel an unexplained and terribly sharp pain in the throat area which indicates a similar throat condition may have affected the spirit. It's also possible that  a Medium may start crying, feel deeply depressed or extremely angry for no reason. This is not possession, but an empathic link meant to give information not to manipulate a medium. Mediums are always in control of their own connections to spirit and are aware of what they're dealing with before engaging in communication.

Clairvoyance  (Clear Seeing) - This is the mental activity where a Medium sees the image of a person, place or thing in either the "mind's eye" or with an outward projection of the image as if it were a physical reality before them. Mediums view images as being like still photographs or panning motion pictures - either black & white or color. Again, this is like receiving a detailed, visual memory impression of something that you personally haven't experienced or couldn't have imagined from your own conscious or subconscious knowledge. Mediums may also visualize human aura impressions and other ethereal heath energy signatures unseen to most people. Clairvoyance may produce potent prophetic visions.