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Look up for answers!

Is it time for an Angelic experience? Let a certified Angelic Medium and professional psychologist assist you with a personalized consultation. Angel Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of examining your life issues, problems and concerns while providing you with meaningful supportive information.

What do you need?

Are you ready to receive relief from your burdens, worries and past negative experiences? Angels want to communicate with you. Are you listening? Do you want all your Divine spiritual helpers actively involved with your life? Are you in need of a reliable intuitive system to facilitate closure issues or to free you from negative life situations?

Ultimately my goal is to connect you with your full life potential and liberate you from the overwhelming negativity we all face every day. Get control of your life through higher spiritual knowledge. Professional Angel Therapies not only heal but educate you about your own daily connection to spirit.

Tune into your intuition and experience the "now" in knowing. Identify your own sabotaging behaviors. Achieve your desires. Find what your Divine purpose in this life really is - what you came here to do. Reposition yourself with spiritual input. Learn to love your life and yourself while gaining knowledge of your own intuitive potential.

What are the benefits?

By experiencing contact with a wealth of information available through Angelic communication wonderful manifestations of your desires will be validated in the physical world. In this way, the idea of a higher energetic world beyond what we see with our eyes will become a loving and abundant reality.

With your learning you can help others. This is truly what service to God means. Share your knowledge for the greatest good of all. Look up for answers and give back as much as you receive.

Angel Therapy Practitioner sessions can be of two types: You may choose to have an Angel Card Reading or a direct Angel-directed consultation;

A reading consists of a general card spread of Angel Cards indicating information you should know about your life. The most important life issues you should address come forth during this reading which is facilitated by personal guidance coming from your guides, angels or Archangels through me.

During a consultation you may choose five to ten questions that you'd like answered and I will facilitate higher realm responses through my intuitive abilities. In this case your guides and angels direct the reading with the answers you need to know.

With channeled guidance you may receive information on any subject such as:

* Career path
* Changing unhealthy behaviors
* Business management
* Emotional balance for anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or shame
* Finances
* Health
* Life purpose
* Mental clarity
* Missing persons
* Parental advice
* Past life experiences
* Relationships
* Stress relief
* Transforming thought patterns
* Uncovering subconscious motivations
* Your intuitive skill development

Readings and consultations are given in half hour increments according to your needs. Both single and group rates are applied when desired. Please contact me for standard session quotes.