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Pet or animal communication can occur through a Medium in two ways; local or nonlocal telepathy. Local communication happens when a Medium is in the presence of an animal. Nonlocal communication occurs when an animal is not in the physical presence of a Medium. Because of this, animal consultations may be provided to a client via telephone if necessary just as other Angel Therapy services are facilitated.

There are two types of animal communication consultations. You can connect with your living animals or with deceased animals with equal opportunity. A Medium's telepathy with other living creatures is not limited by time and space considerations. Do you want to find out what a current pet or transitioned pet is thinking or has to share with you about your life together?

What are your animals thinking? Learn the who, what, when, where, why and how of information about your loving companions that could not be revealed any other way then through animal communication via a professional Medium and animal behavioralist. Ask the questions you want answered.

A few reasons to consider an animal communication consultation regarding your pets or animals in your care;

* Access their likes & dislikes
* Animal abuse situations and identification of abusers
* Bad Behavior habits and their origins/causes
* End of life transitions for the pet (terminal illness or unexpected euthanasia
* Grief support closure for owners of deceased pets
* Health problems known & unknown
* Helpful messages from your pets to you
* Lifestyle changes in the living environment
* Locating lost animals
* New animal in the home adjustments
* Past life experiences with unknown owners
* Personal preferences of animals
* Pregnancy, whelping and litter rearing knowledge
* Relocation stress concerns

Pet communication sessions may be done in person or by phone. Please contact me for standard half hour or hourly rates.