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Who do you miss?

Is there someone who's passed on that you long to speak with? Do you need information they might have? Are you seeking relief from great pain, fear, anger, sadness, guilt or shame? Are you still affected by a lack of closure with someone who can help you? Do you desire a message from a deceased friend or relative?

Bereavement counseling is also a part of Angel Therapy. Because a Medium can speak with higher consciousness energies, the possibility of communicating with your deceased loved ones is another opportunity for you to connect to your family members or friends already transitioned beyond our physical plane of existence.

All human souls who cross over are able to relay their thoughts, feelings, and healing messages to us. Though they often give us signs that they're still around us, people miss the subtle energies, symbolic references, and visible clues that transitioned people are in our presence or watching over our lives all the time.

During a bereavement counseling session you may ask questions of those you miss and get answers you may need for your own continued well being. I will hear the exact words of your loved ones and relay them to you verbatim. Often the words you hear from me will show the personalities, attitudes, and behaviors that your deceased loved one exhibited during life. I will also give you personal information from them that I couldn't possibly know. In many sessions, you will literally feel the light energies of the visiting soul or spirit around you.

Your personal bereavement session is a therapeutic experience which can change your life. It offers an amazing chance to have closure between you and the deceased on many levels and fosters a dramatic emotional, mental, and physical healing within you. Not only will you find comfort in knowing the authenticity of the meeting, but you will have a renewed sense of your own spirituality.

Humans leave their mortal body behind and continue to grow and learn as living consciousness in an invisible realm of endless possibilities. Our transitioned loved ones want us to know they're fine and happy. In knowing this, you are confirming the continuation of your own soul's journey after death.

Bereavement Mediumship sessions are one hour or more. Counseling may be given in person or by phone. Please contact me for standard rates.