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Angelic removal of negative energies

As an Angel Therapy Medium, I can also clear people and locations of negative or unhealthy ethereal energies with the help of angelic presences. There are many reasons for spiritual-based problems which stem from unseen negative energies attracted to a particular individual, structure, property or environment. They include;

* Aura frequencies of a living person which attract a deceased person who has not
   left the earthly plane
* Aura gaps in a living person's protective field which allow a deceased person who has
  not left the earthly plane to attach directly onto the human host body
* Energy life cords which consciously or unconsciously connect a living person to a
  deceased person who has not left the earthly plane|
* Energy life cords which consciously or unconsciously connect a living person to
  another living person with or without malicious intent towards the other
* Environmental residues and conscious spirit energies generated from the proximity a
  deceased human who hasn't left the earthly plane 
* Negative energy from a non-human entity on the earthly plane which attaches to a
  person, place or thing - with or without the conscious intent of causing
  emotional distress and physical harm
* Residual energies connected to objects with emotion-driven origins from
  previous object owners or past object environments
* Residual energies from past human habitations which leave emotion-driven "time
  loops" replaying in a specific area that may be emotional, visual, auditory or olfactory
  manifestations merely imitating conscious spiritual intent

The basis of Angel Therapy release for negative spirit influences is a loving and healing method whereby cords, residual energies, entities, and lost human souls are directed elsewhere through severing any attachments to a person, place or thing. This process is not a banishment or a forceful removal, but a beneficial transition for both a client and the attachment.

Most energy cords, fragments and lost soul energies are easily dispersed as single attachments. However, several negative attachments can invade a person's aura over a period of time if they are physically vulnerable from health problems or have addiction issues. Other non-sentient energies can be cleansed by angelic forces and also released from the environment.

Clients receive complete understanding of why or how attachments manifested, leading to much needed closure and freedom from any guilt, shame or further worries. If you feel you have something unnaturally negative around you, another person, your home, business, or personal property and want answers, please consider the consultation options below.

  Entity Release - Archangel Michael assistance in the removal of negative non-
  human energies which promote ill health, depression, anger, lack of focus, fear-
  based living, obsessions, and unexplained thoughts or behaviors. Physical
  manifestations of severe paranormal phenomena may also occur. Entity attachment
  is extremely rare. This is not possession but more of an psycho-spiritual problem

  Environmental Cleansing - Archangel Michael assisting with balancing and
  raising the frequency of your living space, business or other areas so that you have
  a light, energetic atmosphere surrounding you. Find an object in your house which
  might be causing problems because of residual or active energy attachments.

  Etheric Cord-Cutting - Archangel Michael removing unhealthy energy ties
  between you and people or places which create deep confusion, worry,
  emotional distress and health issues. Cords may also stem from past lives.

  Real Estate Evaluations for "stigmatized" properties - Do you have a
  property that you want to clear before selling it? Did you buy a property and there
  are spiritual problems associated with it? Are you a Real Estate agent needing to
  find out why a property won't show well despite its great condition, price, and
  locale. Are you hearing negative feelings about a property that buyers are
  constantly complaining about in regards to atmosphere and personal fears? Is their a
  negative history to the land or structure you want to know more about? An angelic
  assisted evaluation and cleansing will help. 

  Soul Attachment Healing - Archangel Michael assisting with sending lost human
  souls into the Light and freeing you from deep-aura parasites which cause health
  problems, emotional, and mental issues, or unexplained impulses, cravings,
  thoughts and feelings.

  Spirit Rescue - Angelic assistance to guide lost human souls (ghosts) into God's
   Light and out of your life. Ghost environments often feel spooky, uncomfortable
   with a feeling of being watched, plus have moderate unexplained physical
   phenomena along with a few fearful visual, auditory and olfactory events.

Please contact me for standard hourly rates. Consultations may be given by phone or in person.