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For a decade I've been the director of a nonprofit professional paranormal organization named East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO). My staff is composed of a small group of dedicated investigators volunteering their personal time towards helping people dealing with unexplained spiritual phenomena in their residences, place of business, or other historic structures and properties.

My investigators are carefully selected not only for their career backgrounds but for their desire to learn and study better methods of technical and evidential documentation techniques. We perform investigations with scientifically calibrated recording and measuring equipment in order to document and collate evidence of ghostly phenomena for clients and survival of consciousness after death research.

We are also a leader in developing our own experimental camera systems and investigation procedures which are unlike those used by other public "ghost clubs" and less professional paranormal societies operated by lay persons lacking parapsychologists and engineers on staff. Some ECHO investigators also have advanced psychic abilities which assists in locating and identifying paranormal hotspots for more productive documentation and evidence collection.

It's possible for us to not only assess and document paranormal activity for you but to identify the origins of the human souls who may occupy your space with you. If desired, I can include spirit rescue work as an Angelic Medium to cleanse your property. This protects your family or friends via angelic means from unnecessary fear or negative energies. Protect you family and gain peace of mind. Make a work place a healthy and happy environment. Feel safe wherever you are.

This extra service is done a no cost if we have already concluded an investigation of the same site and gathered research documentation. Spirit Rescue (helping lost human souls to transition forward) is performed via angelic guidance at the conclusion of a scientific investigation.

We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Please contact me for booking a professional paranormal investigation.