Life Coaching for Psychic Children & Adults

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Today we hear a lot of labels being given to an individual's psychic skills, especially psychic children. Names such as Indigo, Crystal, and Starchild attempt to describe the natures, sensitivities, and abilities of gifted extrasensory children. Adults are usually classified as clairvoyants, intuitives or mediums. No matter your age, living with psychic abilities is hard work. There are no rules on how to be different and psychic.

As a child or an adult, learning to cope with your budding or full fledged psychic potential is lonely, confusing, and scary. Not only must you learn what your personal skill strengths are, you must discover how to use them efficiently and affectively without adversely impacting your life. Integration of your mental, emotional, and physical realities must also be balanced with spiritual focus.

Balance is extremely difficult without proper experienced guidance or mentoring. Working with unexplained phenomena is both a joy and a hardship on many levels if you are trying to go it alone. Factors you can't control such as fearful experiences, social disconnection, and peer factors can compound your challenges and multiply your self-doubts or anxieties.

Why suffer this way?  Find answers through a professional psychological and intuitive assessment. Manage your gifts through Life Coaching answers based on Angelic guidance and practical knowledge.

* Is your child psychic?
* Are you psychic?
* Why do you have these abilities?
* What are your psychic strengths?
* What is your life purpose for these abilities?
* How can you integrate psychic abilities with your religious beliefs?
* How do you enhance your psychic gifts?

Life Coaching is conducted as half hour or hourly sessions. Please contact me for standard rates.