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What is Telepathy?

Telepathy originated as a Greek word meaning "distant experience."  Originally the simple term "thought-transference" was used by early researchers to describe the ability of some people to gather information about others without using the regular five human senses.

A telepath is someone who can read or hear the feelings and thoughts of others from information stored within their brains-consciousness. The concept of telepathy is not readily accepted by scientists for one reason - there is no known communication mechanism by which telepathy can work.

Where animals are concerned, Ethologists (animal behavioralists) believe that the known communication mechanism for animals is limited to hereditary signaling acts and rote, non-verbal vocalizations.

In Parapsychology, modes of telepathic communication between humans and spirits, higher consciousness beings, or animals is called by the varying terms: clairalience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

The academic idea that animals may have the ability to relay "telepathic" information is most often given serious consideration when scientists view the behavior of speeding flocks of birds whirling through the skies and graceful schools of fish performing highly coordinated turns and twists as a single harmonious unit.

Motion and behavior synchronization between migrating birds and fleeing fish schools demonstrates an anomalistic complexity not explainable by past scientific theories on simple hereditary patterns or programmed leadership.

The speeds at which ten-thousand small-brained Starlings turn on a dime without collision chaos or loosing a cohesive flock structure is mind-boggling. Frightened schools of  Jack fish fleeing a predator will polarize from individual motion into a cohesive group forming parallel rows that spray out in a fountain formation in a split second when attacked without warning. And neither bird flocks or schooling fish have a designated leader!

There seems to be a "flock mind" or a "school mind" that prevails when these creatures come together. This effortless orchestration of group coordination with distinctive style of fluidity results in a single intelligent mass that far transcends the participants' intelligence. Could telepathy abilities be the answer?

Some scientists have already proposed revamping these studies to evaluate the possibility of "thought transference" or "biological radio waves". Perhaps fish are simply clairsentient via their lateral line organs and birds along with their keen eyesight are clairvoyant, able to see migration paths in their minds eye before flying them.

As a Medium, I know that all creatures have the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings to anyone able to communicate back with them. They also have a lot to say to us about life's purpose, unconditional love, and God from a more centered and nonjudgmental perspective.